Creatively cooking with plants

We know what you’re here for really: the food. And it’s time to get ready for dinner. Whatever flavours you love most, we’ve rustled up something for you to get creative with, be it creamy curries, sweet & sticky stir-fries or something more Mediterranean
(oh, and they all just happen to be plant-based)
  • Sizzle Kits
    Sizzle Kits
    Semi-scratch kits to help you whip up a gorgeous dinner for two in just 3 easy steps. For when you fancy something a little bit…well, fancy.
  • Sizzle & Stir
    Sizzle & Stir
    Tender protein pieces and veggies marinated in your favourite sauces for dinner in 10 minutes flat. The clues in the name – just sizzle and stir through whatever you’re craving tonight.
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Prevented Ocean Plastics

Our trays use 100% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable, but to help coastal communities and our oceans, 30% of this is also Prevented Ocean Plastic™ collected from coastlines at risk of plastic pollution.

Flavour Notes
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